How do I get points?

You receive 1 point for competing and 1 point for each couple that places behind you in the event. This includes all couples that danced, not just the final.

Where do the points come from?

Pro/Am: Points are awarded for Open Scholarship events that take place at any NDCA Multi-Day Competition.

Professional: Points are awarded for Open Professional events in the NDCA and Blackpool in American style only.

What are the age groups?

- A: 18-35
- B: 36-50
- C: 51-60
- Senior 1: 60+
- Senior 2: 70+
- Senior 3: 76+

What if the age group of my event does not match these age groups?

Points will not be accrued for events that do not fall into the aforementioned age groups.

Are points awarded to individual dancers or to partnerships?

Points are awarded to a partnership. If an Amateur switches to a new Pro, it is considered a new partnership. Points from previous partnerships do not transfer to new partnerships in any way.

Do points last forever?

USA Dancesport Rankings calculates ranking based on points accrued in the past 52 weeks (roughly one year).

How do I move up in the ranking?

Points are assigned for competing as well as for placing above other couples. The more you compete, the more opportunity you have to earn points. Competing will never lower your ranking, regardless of the rank of other couples in your events.

What if scholarship is not offered at my age group?

If scholarship is not offered, points may be awarded for a Multi Dance Championship event of the same age group.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us at [email protected]